Welcome to Automated Climate Controls, Inc.!

Submitted by admin on Fri 29, 2010

Here at Automated Climate Controls, Inc. we are dedicated to offering you affordable and flexible energy saving solutions.

Our website is currently being overhauled with changes to better server our customers so we ask you to work with us as we better serve you.

Featured Projects

Submitted by admin on Fri 29, 2010

KMC Controls AIC

Affordable Solutions


An affordable and easy to use web-based Smart Stat that can help
save energy and operation cost in any house or small buisness.



CatNet Systems offers an easy to use flexible yet affordable web based
interface great for standard size buildings.


KMC Total Control

An innovative, affordable, and scalable web based answer with stunning
user interfaces, easy to use schedules and trend logs perfect for small,
medium, and large projects.